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RightScale cloud management platform allows for automating, configuring, and monitoring public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Currently, more than four million servers in tens of thousands of cloud clusters are launched with the RightScale solution.

Being a part of the RightScale team, we managed to:

  • Participate in development of the API for the platform. It is designed with Ruby and is a central element of the system, since it allows for integrating the platform with other solutions, including different mobile platforms.Rightscale
  • Create the RightScale dashboard for managing, configuring, and automating individual servers or entire deployments in minutes. Due to the intuitive interface of the console, users can easily manage cloud clusters, use server templates, and integrate an application with other third-party services.
  • Work on ServerTemplates that make it possible to adjust existing customers’ applications for working in cloud environments.

Currently, Altoros’s dedicated team consists of more than 15 software engineers.